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Character is what you are. Reputation is what people think you are.

Henry H. Saunderson

The Britiquette

16 November 2012

Everyone says that British people are cold and detached. Until they go for a drink with them.

In reality, British people are very conscious about their intimate relations. Once you have a British friend, it is a friend for life. This glorious country has a reputation to keep, about manners and education in the most diverse situation. It used to be a country of explorers, colonists and traders, and even though innumerable bonds were sealed with a Gentleman's word (or sword, in the old days!) the style and the character of British people is unmistakably and lordly COOL.

Tip of the day: When going on a business dinner with British people, eat a small piece of butter before the meal to contain the devastating effect of the alcohol inundation you'll be facing, and try not to talk about work too much. A business dinner with British people is a bonding and humanly very fulfilling experience. Watch out hangover haters, you're in for big trouble.